Who We Are

The Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy is an international, multidenominational Christian church serving the English-speaking community of Moscow. MPC was established in 1962 by the National Council of Churches of Christ USA under the Roosevelt-Litvinoff Agreements of 1933 to provide Protestant ministry to the American community in Moscow. Today, the Chaplaincy is a dynamic and diverse ecumenical Christian community that draws its membership from nearly 30 nations, every walk of life, and many Christian traditions.

Our mission is to nurture faith in Jesus Christ, seek God’s justice, and welcome all people.

MPC is a shared ministry of The United Methodist Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Reformed Church in America, the American Baptist Churches USA, and the Presbyterian Church (USA).

MPC is a member of the Association of International Churches in Europe and the Middle East and the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

Pastors who served MPC

Donald Roberts – 1962-1965
James L. Barkenquast – 1965-1967
Rodger D. Harrison – 1967-1969
Earle B. Sanford – 1969-1972
Raymond Oppenheim – 1972-1975
Michael W. Spangler – 1975-1978
William Villaume – 1978-1980
Alphonz Lamprecht – 1980-1983
John Johannaber – 1983-1986
Aaron Usher – 1986-1988
Charles H. Jester – 1988-1990
John C. Melin – 1990-1993
H. Wayne Pipkin – 1993-1995
Clarence B. and Sylvia C. Guinn-Ammons – 1995-1996
Charles E. Jacobson – 1996-1997
Twila K. Schock and William P. Swanson – 1997-2000
Charles Mercer – 2000-2001
John Calhoun – 2001-2005
Charles Mercer – 2005-2006
Robert and Stacy Bronkema – 2006-2011
Matthew A. Laferty – 2011-2015
Benjamin and Margit Coltvet – 2015
Michael J. Zdorow – 2016-present